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About Us

Initially founded in San Diego, California in 1993 and then migrating in 1995 to Newport Beach, California, and then again in 2002 to Santa Ana, California Wings West today has some of the most sought after products in the industry. Certainly, no company grows from producing a handful of parts to over one hundred thousand in a year without strong customer demand. Of course, the real question is why are Wings West products red hot while others merely simmer? 

Well, there is no one singular aspect, but rather many that creates such a demand for these styling products. It's said that imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery. It is thereby no surprise that counterfeit Wings West products have cropped up and stand testament to the demand for the products and the name.

As with many companies, Wings West was born from an actual desire to create products that they themselves personally wanted to have. Those feelings are still meshed with each part Wings West makes today.

Years of refinement have created superior parts resulting in a product return rate of less than one 1% of total sales. Fewer returns mean happier customers, vendors, retailers, and reduced headaches associated with this. In conjunction with producing superior parts from higher quality materials, technical one-on-one phone support can walk even the least mechanically inclined through an installation. Through the rigorous test fit procedures in the development stages, our parts fit without extensive modification by the installers.

Wings West might have been one of the best-kept secrets for enthusiasts many years ago, but is hardly a secret today. A tremendous amount of our products and show cars have graced countless magazine covers and have been in features from automotive publications to Fortune Magazine. As substantiation of our involvement in the tuner movement, Wings West project cars have been featured on television's highly visible programs such an "MTV and "CSI". The big screen isn't immune from the Wings West invasion either. Creating the excitement in the "The Fast and The Furious" (Part 1 & 2) was facilitated by generous applications of Wings West spoilers, wings, and body kits. Even America's favorite toy car company, Hot Wheels, has gotten into the game by reproducing numerous Wings West show cars in 1:18th scale.

There is no substitute for seeing the magic with your own eyes. At many of the auto events across the country and around the globe, Wings West is the tuner's choice. The repeated awards from auto shows could fill a room. Hundreds of applications over the years have been seen at the SEMA shows, the International Auto Salon (East & West), and Hot Import Nights, as well as numerous others.

Our commitment to providing the absolute highest quality accessories available and keeping our customers desires forefront has proven to be a winning combination. 

When it comes to creative designs. No one else comes close. We are the ones that set the trends. We're the innovators.